StarTech Standalone Hard Drive Eraser And USB 3.0 Dock Capsule Review

This device that has two separate roles and this is why its name might be little long and confusing as well. This device plays major role in a specialized device for erasing and overwriting drives. It is also normal drive dock USB to SATA. It is quite useful in wiping file system headers and partition tables clean. Business owners can save a lot of money when needing to wipe file systems clean by using this device.

StarTech Capsule Review

It includes great features that are simple. It comes available with one short page of details instructions for using. It works fast and keeps pace with mechanical drives too. This device is great for for re-imaging after wiping. This device supports 6Gbp UASP.


It test with speed of up to 6 TB and it comes with a USB. It delivers excellent performance while it cleans, erases or it can also sanitize the information from your HDD. This is a convenient process that save a lot of hassle. It is a valuable time saver as well.


Meets all requirements of DoD. Performance of excellence and erase procedure and also confirm that erasing has been successfully completed. Printed receipt vividly shows you time and date of erase and erase mode that was used. Compatibility that you can swap in and out as needed. It can definitely save business owners money too.

Docking station

Very quickly backup or transfer information to drives or SSD. It is compatible with any drive. A dock is important and very valuable. Item comes with complete guarantee. It can be ordered online and shipped directly to home or office.


This newest model includes a cooling fan while traditional models do not. You can adjust speed of fan. This device works well and has received high ratings by people who have tried it.It has well made for SATA Drives and is quite simple to use. Great for businesses both large and small. You can purchase it at online retailers or at electronic stores. Purchasing this device online will give you extra savings along with a guarantee too.


Cannot recover any information at all under EXT3 partition. Chip will overheat and drop out or lock up after 20-30 GB’s transferred. If you need to recover lost files and data, then this is just what you need. Comes with instructions for use and care. It is made of durable materials to provide long lasting use.


It comes in its original package and is packed safe for shipping to prevent damage. It can be shipped to any address in nation. This newer model has gained speed and flexibility. More people prefer this update StarTech Standalone Capsule. It is stable and durable product. It is a quick way to copy a drive. Online retailers of this product can help answer any of your questions and concerns. Excellent product for copying drives plus this works great for recovering information as well. Many business owners are relying on this new product.

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